25 June, 2012

Promotion Time ^^

Olla olla ^^
Rindu kita tak???HAHAHAHA
Okey..how are u guys? ^^
Sorry for not updating my blog as much as before *lol speaking XP
actually...sebab sekarang buzy bertumblring ^^
i'm busy sharing a lot of facts about MBLAQ on my MBLAQ page on Facebook,MBLAQ Tumblr and the latest one is PIGEON FOLDER Tumblr ^^

actually PIGEON FOLDER Tumblr tu baru je buat tadi..hehehe
entahla sbb rasa geram tgk gambar2 HOT dari G.O ni..kekeke
so..terasa nak share gmbar G.O bnyak2la..hehehe
kenapa nama Tumblr G.O tu Pigeon Folder?
Em..kalau nak tau..kenalah Follow Pigeon Folder Tumblr tu ye ^^

Hope U guys can support my MBLAQ page as well as my Tumblrs ^^
Mari sama2 semarakkan semangat A+ dlm jiwa masing2...hahaha

u guys can LIKE my MBLAQ page by click here :  MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) Page

u guys can also FOLLOW my MBLAQ tumblr by click here : HelloMyMBLA+Q Tumblr

and finally
u guys can also FOLLOW my MBLAQ G.O tumblr by click here : Pigeon Folder Tumblr

thats all for today ^^
Gomawo ^^
U guys can also follow me on twitter by click FOLLOW button on my blog and i'll follow u back ^^
i also will follow your tumblr back ^^

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